Toddler Meals

mama-chew-4 Most days I feel like I have the fussiest toddler in the world as the meal I spent researching, cooking and serving with love sits untouched again.. I have my good days when I get a win but when I lose I end up giving in and making him his favourite cheese sandwich so I don’t die of guilt sending him to bed on an empty stomach. Today, instead of beating myself up Im going to celebrate the wins! I want to share from our pinboard some of my tried and true recipes that – lets say 8 times out of 10 work. If you, like me need internet inspiration every now and then, look these up! 1. Zucchini Meatballs – They will never know these are full of vege goodness! 2. Pesto Pasta – For someone so fussy Im very surprised my son eats pesto. Not only does he eat it, he loves it! On my lazy days Ill even admit to buying pesto in the bottle and heating it with pasta for the win. 3. Tomato Soup with mini grill cheese sandwiches – I serve the soup in a kids cup with a handle and the sandwich on a plate. They can dip AND sip. 4. Cat pizza – Yes, I said cat pizza 🙂 5. Vegetables – Here are a few ways to serve vegetables that might make it pass the lips. Carrot stars, Mashed Vege Bites (I also use cauliflower, brocolli and pumpkin), Curly sweet potato fries 6. Smoothie Bowls – Why should adults have all the fun? Let your little ones imaginations run wild and help them create their own bowl for a breakfast that will be fun and nutritious. 7. Crumpets – Home made or store bought these never fail. 8. Yoghurt – Any type of yoghurt wins but when its cold and frozen its even better! Frozen blueberry yoghurt kebabs & Yoghurt Drops 9. Chocolate & Chia pudding – Healthy sweet alternative if you have sugar concerns like I do. 10. Peanut Butter Fruit Dip – Sometimes I go a bit heavy handed on the PB but if more fruit is consumed then Im all for it.