Introducing Pop & Go… 

The fuss free, cleaner, self protecting dummy from Doddle and Co. 
Made from 100% silicone, itʼs a one-piece silicone dummy with a teat that pops back into its protective bubble for easy, case-free carrying (and wearing, just attach the dummy to a Mama Chew dummy clip). Making life simpler and easier for parents and designed to soothe fussy babies. 


What makes this the best dummy ever?

Firstly, no more helicopter parenting to catch the falling dummy!
You don’t have to wash this dummy a million times over in a day (sure you will still wash it, just much less)
The bubble doubles as an easy to find protective case so no more digging around in the nappy bag looking for one.
You’re welcome! ☺


How do you use it?

Step 1: Pop the teat so it stays put. Push enough just so it locks into place but don’t over push it. Just enough so it doesn’t pop back. (Want to do it one handed? Use your thumb to gently shimmy it into place)
Step 2: Baby takes over!
Step 3: The teat bounces back into its protective bubble when it takes a tumble to the floor. If it falls in the cot or onto the baby’s tummy it will stay put and ready for baby. 
Tip: To tuck the teat away without touching it, pinch the wings together
Tip 2: Use in conjuction with the Mama Chew OG Dummy Clip, making life perfect for modern babies on the go! 


Genius Engineering.

The teat was designed to only retract when it takes a real tumble to the ground!
If it falls in the cot or on the baby’s chest or simply if the baby takes a break from it for a while the teat will stay extended!
Super easy for the baby to pick up and start using again.